Portable Power Pack

Powerful | Light-Weight | Portable | Safe

By adding a powerful lithium battery into a compact battery box, you’ll have power on tap where ever you go.

This is equivalent to lugging around 2x lead-acid car batteries. Being a sealed lithium battery, it’s also much safer, cleaner and easier to handle.  You’ll also know exactly how much power’s left, with an accurate voltage display.

A great way to dip your toe in and try the world of Lithium.  This is the future of flexible & smart power for your rig or campsite…!

  • Click & collect $ 2,250
  • Fully installed $ 2,500

Please contact us to secure your Portable Power Pack or arrange for a specific upgrade.

Why are our they so good...?

100Ah Lithium Battery – equivalent to 2 lead-acid car batteries.

BC/DC Charger – can be wired into your vehicle for charging whilst you drive.

Solar Input – you can charge up anywhere with your solar panel.

Works as a Jump Starter – to protect yourself against a flat battery.

Voltage Display – see exactly how much power’s available

Plenty of outputs – perfect for the fridge, lights, phones, etc..

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